Hello Word Press….

Every time I hear a word or phrase it reminds me of a song…. its a gift what can i say some people find it funny, some people look at me and wonder how I got to the song I did when it seems to have nothing to do with the conversation that is going on. Others can’t stand it… I mean if I wasn’t me I suppose I might get a little annoyed if someone was always pseudo randomly singing a song all the time almost seemly at the drop of the hat. I was once referred to as a human juke box… It has always been easy for me to remember almost anything put to music…there have been some exceptions like multiplication rap- rock tape (from back in the day) and the Hebrew alphabet.

I don’t know how much I will post on here I mostly got a word press to keep up with my friends that have one so I would remember to read their blogs… already having a Tumblr, (which I mostly just post pictures or re-post things) and another blog or two I don’t know when Ill get back to you then again every word is a song or a line or set of lyrics to me so you may here from me again sooner then you think! maybe even tomorrow— “Tomorrow tomorrow I love ya tomorrow, your only a day a way


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