How is dancing to a song that repeats the word “Chocolate” gonna help !?

I was looking for a workout video today that I had seen some weeks back on YouTube and could not remember the title. I finally found it and tried it out… I’m a bit sore but that’s okay because I happen to be out of shape.

This video(see link above) however is not that video.

I stumbled upon this video while looking for the other one. I don’t see how dancing to a video that talks about Chocolate over and over is gonna help you get fit.

Chances are you will want to eat some after watching this video I know I do and your probably not going to grab some ” heather chocolate” you might but its unlikely especially since this is not a health blog… any ways I’m off to go see if we have an chocolate in the house because even though I didn’t try this dance just watching it has made me hungry… Oh well!

Until next time….



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