I would like to share this blog post with you from one of my followers…
Although I do not listen to or enjoy his style or his lyrics. I think its important to intercede for those who have not yet excepted Jesus as savior and Lord. Its true that many are involved in/ have come into agreement with the kingdom of darkness and their messages promote the value system of one who is not our King. Still its important that we as believers in the Light of Christ being covered in the blood of Jesus stand in the gap and call them out of darkness into marvelous light of the one and only salvation of the world the Man Christ Jesus! There are many singer, musician, singer, song writers who I pray for but not as often as I should… how different would the world being to look like if we prayed for them instead of shunning them competely!? I’m not saying to buy all there music of fill your heart and mind with the lyrics but get a picture of them and put it some where you will see every day and pray for them! Hey I have Justin Bieber picture in the back of my bible… who will you put on your prayer list and pray for today?


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