Stuck in London by Casey Abrams (from his self-titled debut album) has always been a favorite of mine, Many of this fans affectionately call this the mango (mango tree) song and as you listened to this song you will understand why.

I have anticipated this “new video” that was going to be come out since the beginning of this month when Casey announced that later this October a new video was going to be coming out.  Yesterday when it was released I was not at all disappointed that it was not at all a new song but one of my favorites, if you go search YouTube you will find different variations on “Stuck in London”  <—–> this one is excellent!

This has become my new favorite, although the studio version you can see here has a place in my heart as well, this one brings something special to this already beloved song.

If you are already a fan of his then you are well aware that he & Haley Reinhart are very good friends so its no surprise that after many appearances on his vine and a few shows together she ended up in one of his music video or whatever you want to call this truly amazing work of art that was put together for the re-working of this song.

Its True I smiled all the way through while it played multiple times. I’m sure for the rest of the week If i hear any words that match the lyrics I begin humming or singing it and a smile will slowly begin to appear on my face.

I hope you enjoy this video as much as I have


Stuck In London – Orchestra of People

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