Music Monday thoughts: The Grammy’s 2014

So I came home last night to see the Grammy’s which I knew I would mostly fast forward, which makes me sad because I really love music but you already knew, and as the show began I skipped the opening number which by the way should be amazing but I gave up on Beyonce a long time ago…. Anyways its award season and I always attempt to watch them all mostly for the speeches... p.s. I could not even stay awake and finished them this morning

1) I tried to watch Taylor Swift…. it was a piano slow song why she started doing all that dramatic hair flipping/ head banging looking like Beethoven I’ll never know why that was necessary, it ruined it for me.. and i need to know who that was about because whoever it was really messed with that girls heart and head.

2) I really wanted to see Katy Perry sing but she picked a creepy jam and was in a snow globe.. i mean a crystal ball and those tall grim reapers behind her told me I was out… may have been a good performance but I’ll never no.. made me sad because she has a beautiful voice.

3) Okay something good I loved Sarah Bareilles & Carole King piano duet it was beautiful and I will watch it again

4) I skipped ever Beatles thing I know if you made it this far you may be offended but I am not intending to do so, I just have never liked them that’s not the kind of stuff I grew up on

5) okay I know a lot of you like ” Lorde” but she creeps me out every time i have attempted to watch her on tv no matter what song she is singing I just can’t do it…

6) whatever Ozzy said during his acceptance speech I don’t think anyone understood, also he needs Jesus and some iron pill and a steak becasue he’s so pale.

7) the space people (Daft Punk) from France… i just kept wondering how they are breathing in that helmet all night

8) umm of course i FWD the “same love song” only to see a lot of people…..
Why is Queen Latifah officiating a mass wedding for 33 same sex & heterosexual couples !?!? Then I see Madonna come out in a modest all creamy white country western get up with a sparkly cane…

9) I didn’t hear any amazing thank you speeches I don’t even wanna talk about JayZ’s universalism speech…. its the grammys why didn;t anyone sing their thank you speeches … just saying at least no one did of the part of the show they aired… um what the!!

10) I suppose my favorite part was the Chinese man that played the piano at the end


I think Pink did a really amazing job doing all that crazy Cirque de Soleil stuff she did while she was singing….


Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses

Taylor Swift at the Brit Awards: Yet Another Illuminati Ritual for the Masses

Very interesting article about Taylor Swifts recent performance at the Brit Awards… what is happeningĀ  to many people in the music industry? Many do not start out with the death culture surrounding them and being woven into everything they do. Is it just a coincidence that these things keep on happening… I would like to think that these artist know what kind of message they are putting out for their fan… you be the judge check out this article.