Almost Is Never Enough ( ft. Nathan Sykes)

I really love Ariana Grande voice, I feel like she is Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston mixed into one person! This is a beautiful song from the film: The Mortal Instruments: City Of Bones. I have not seen this film, nor do I intend to at this time after looking up the trailer to this film. but this song i like… anyways happy music Monday everyone


Colton Dixon’ 1st music video coming soon…

Colton Dixon’ 1st music video coming soon…

NASHVILLE, Tenn – An abandoned warehouse in Nashville is the backdrop for Colton Dixon‘s first every music video shoot. Eric Walsh, who is directing the video, says it has a Tim Burton industrial feel to it. “When we found this location it felt like an old factory. We wanted to play that into his performance.”

“Heart Attack” Behind The Scenes -Demi Lovato

I generally like Demi as a persons and pray for her often, I like even love many of her songs this one I’m not too crazy about I don’t wanna sing about something as traumatic as having a heart attack, but I get what she is trying to say this is not going to be one of my favorite song or ” go to jams” but he voice is still amazing, after watching this video this I feel a little less “freaked out” about the whole concept and the song I give it 2 out of 5 stars.