Alan Menken Disney Songbook concert performance at 2013 D23 Expo

If you follow my blog then you know I love love Alan Menken so when I found this on Youtube recently I knew that sometime soon I would be sharing it on my blog so Happy MUSIC MONDAY Everyone Hope you enjoy this full concert run time is 1 hr20 sec


How are Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt and Jerusalem Connected?

How are Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt and Jerusalem Connected?

Check out this awesome video from PBS Idea Channel

Program: Idea Channel

Episode: How are Justin Bieber, Franz Liszt and Jerusalem Connected?

At first glance, Pop Wunderkind Justin Bieber and revolutionary 19th Century pianist and composer Franz Liszt don’t seem to have anything in common. And while they might not have any musical or biographical similarities, they both have had a powerful psychological effect on their fans. Fits of hysteria, screaming, and fainting are all common traits of “Bieber Fever” & “Lisztomania. But why?

Theater Talk: Alan Menken, Part 1

interview the great composer Alan Menken at the piano. He details the development of his musical career and performs some of his key compositions including songs from his new hit show SISTER ACT. This is part one of a two-part series. Taped 05/20/2011

I have always loved Alan Menken- I will always love Him- the end!