Kickstarter Video:More Money or Less Money

There is three days left to support Matt Gilman’s kick starter for his new project ” Awaken Love” He has so amazing rewards for those who give on every level, check them out and give into this atmosphere shifting album, that will release the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven!


“Awaken Love” is my first solo album. These songs were written to invoke fascination with the beauty of Jesus – Matt Gilman


“Kingdom Come” by Leonard Jones

So this Past Weekend I was blessed to be in the presence of a really talented Musician and radical Lover of Jesus Leonard Jones

if you have never heard any of his Creatively sculpted Music  please go check out his website, he leads worship all over the world and draws people into the presence of the one true King the maker of heaven and earth Jesus Christ. Leonard had a wide variety of Music He has created from Soaking instrumental, you can find here & here, to Crazy Sounds that are a refreshing break from the normal ” Contemporary Christian  sound” you may be used to hearing on your local  radio stations. The song that I have selected below is titled: Kingdom Come I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

” I still search for the city not made by human hands…. So let the Kingdom come, making all things new, for the kingdom comes in you. Oh let the kingdom stand, prepare ye the way, for the kingdom is at hand…”  Leonard Jones

Love has come for me- Colton Dixon

here are some of my favorite lyrics from this song…

I’ve never understood but it’s amazing
The way you never let the past enslave me
How do you do it?
Love the heart, the part of me
That desperately needs a remedy
I wanna be a life You keep changing….

Cause this is where I am
And this is where You start
And everything I needed
Is everything You are
Love has come for me
Oh, love has come for me

Colton Dixon’s ‘A Messenger’: Exclusive Album Audio Preview!

Colton Dixon’s ‘A Messenger’: Exclusive Album Audio Preview!

The other day Colton Dixon’s debut album dropped on iTunes for per- order and i was very upset that i could not preview the songs! I f you are a fan and have been following him like i have you have been waiting what seem forever for this album to come out! so you can image my suppose when i went on YouTube and found an entire album preview that led me back to yahoo music who knew!? Anyways check out this link and let me know what you think about the sound coming out of this album. I really enjoyed the song descriptions for each of the clips, its great when you can have a little of the back story and the heart of the songs, I believe it brings so much more meaning to them!