Cutting Down on Sweets? This Surprising Musical Trick Could Help

Cutting Down on Sweets? This Surprising Musical Trick Could Help


“…..Now Oxford University psychology professor Charles Spence has taken that research a step further and found that listening to different types of music can actually increase our perception of flavor.  Spence calls this form of mind trickery “sonic seasoning.” He has found that playing certain kinds of music can help us avoid adding unhealthy ingredients such as sugar and salt to our food….”


How to Make Music With Anything

Today Is a sick day I don’t have a lot of energy but I would love to share with you this short video from Soulpancake:

Making music is easy. You can do it with anything! Soul Pancake celebrated Make Lab at the YouTube Space LA with Threadbanger and a bunch of other friends.

A unique Christmas album blending traditional favorites with original songs inspired by the beauty and birth of Jesus.  I’m so excited to be doing this Christmas project! It’s been a desire of my heart for years and the time has finally come! My hope is that this album will become a Christmas favorite that will move, shape, and inspire you and bring a deeper awareness and understanding of the beautiful man, Jesus, who became flesh for us. This is all about Him!! – Justin RizzoJustin Rizzo makes a snow angel

GUEST BLOG: Sean Feucht – Prayer and Mission

Excellent- The Jesus is moving among the nations of the earth and a sound is being released that is shaking the nations and drawing men to the true king of the Earth! Eyes are being opened in the natural and the spiritual.. even so we pray Let Your kingdom come and will be done on earth as it is in heaven.

SeanFeuchtSean Feucht is the founder of Burn 24-7 a grassroots global, prayer, worship and missions organization. I see “The Burn” as one of the signs of God’s unique activity in the combining of prayer & mission. Sean and his teams literally travel around the world igniting the fire of prayer and worship in the context of mission. Here’s a blog from his recent trip to Mozambique:

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Just got this new album


Sunday I got this new album while at a local annual conference put on by the Fredericksburg Prayer Furnace- this soaking album was on loop for 2hours it very peaceful . – If you can’t remember the last time you played an album & didn’t notice when a song changed because everything flowed together so well & peacefully- I encourage you to get this Album: Resting In the Fathers Arms. I’m so thankful that my friends recorded this wonderful album.