Official “Let Me In” Music Video Exclusive Video Premiere

The official music video for “Let Me In”. Music by Derek Hough, lyrics by Derek Hough, Michael Corcoran and Eric Goldman.

See the song featured in Make Your Move – in theaters April 18!
You can read the full article about this video here


How is dancing to a song that repeats the word “Chocolate” gonna help !?

I was looking for a workout video today that I had seen some weeks back on YouTube and could not remember the title. I finally found it and tried it out… I’m a bit sore but that’s okay because I happen to be out of shape.

This video(see link above) however is not that video.

I stumbled upon this video while looking for the other one. I don’t see how dancing to a video that talks about Chocolate over and over is gonna help you get fit.

Chances are you will want to eat some after watching this video I know I do and your probably not going to grab some ” heather chocolate” you might but its unlikely especially since this is not a health blog… any ways I’m off to go see if we have an chocolate in the house because even though I didn’t try this dance just watching it has made me hungry… Oh well!

Until next time….