Jamie Cullum – Live@Home – Full Show

I though I was over you, the thought of you was like a distant memory but, when I saw your face, when i read your name, it all stated to come back. I smiled when I heard your voice as you sang I wondered how I had ever stopped listening to you, when I watched you preform again I could not stop smiling and this is all your fault Joshua ( one of my best friends who introduced me to Jamie several years ago) , you did this to me!!! – HA oh Jamie Cullum I can’t put my finger on it but something about hearing you play Piano makes me so happy, you have wonderful timing. Happy Music Monday People


Live@Home is the first web music program created to allow the world’s best artists to come and play their songs in a beautiful house. These intimate performances are recorded without an audience, aiming to make artists feel at home.
Website: http://www.liveathome.tv/


Casey Abrams Oh how I have missed you

So tonight while watching Idol —- you know when the theme song begins and they shows former contestants faces are shown- I saw a face that I have missed, some one I loved and connected to on the show…that  has not always happened I love Casey Abrams and I had forgotten…its funny how when you don’t keep up with something or someone you forget and even loose the love for or of something… any ways I’m a little late this video is from January of this year but its new news to me Ahhhhh Casey got Signed!